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Quantum Crystals

The Quantum Crystals consist of several seating areas. at the center of each seating are is a mirror polished stainless "crystal", containing an inner diamond static flame effect. The surrounding seating area is intricately designed, resin poured. These benches are internally lit to illuminate the designs. This project is still being constructed for The Love Burn Event in February & only design photos are available at the moment. We are a design & fabrication firm based in CO with many successful sculptures and extensive knowledge in flame effects. There is a possibility that these seating areas will be expanded upwards with a draping sheer fabric canopy & mister system to provide a cool shady retreat during the daytime. 

04 Crystal Flame Effect .jpg
02 Quantum Crystal .jpg
Seating Arrangement 4.jpg
Grant Photo 6.jpg
Cooling Mist .jpg
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