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Scorched Steel is a national collection of artistic professionals. We live, breathe, and dream of art. Our vision is to inspire vibrant contemplation and reflection through otherworldly experiences.


We have experience in a range of media, production, and engineering that are united to create our dynamic sculptures. If our style speaks to you, we'd love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more. Book our sculptures at your next big event to collaborate with us on your vision. 



Founder, Artist

Born of the Colorado art community, Joshua Birkmaier is a renowned artist, fabricator, and project manager. He has been leading art collectives and creating monumental art installations for over half a decade. His work has appeared at a number of notable large music festival, as well as many public art installations. He also enjoys working on commissioned pieces and collaborations.



Founder, Artist

As an artistic professional since 1994, Kelsey has led a life fully devoted to the arts and is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her experiences into art.


She has experience in a wide range of mediums including dyes, paints, photography, ceramics, wood, stone & metal working. Kelsey obtained a bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is now Joshua's business partner and apprentice in metal fabrication and propane flame effects.

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